There has been considerable public pressure for companies to be more respectful in ensuring personal data and information be kept private. The recent article featured on The Media Online A cookie by any other name is still a cookie, outlines how the face of digital marketing and advertising is set to change.

Recently, digital advertising experienced a hugely favourable uptake due to the changing media landscape, largely driven by the desire for contactless media and social distancing in a pandemic. However, with the imminent termination of the use of cookies in leveraging consumer data for targeting and advertising, this is all set to change. There will be some winners and some losers in the digital advertising space.

With the majority of users likely to decline consent to being tracked by cookies, the downside for digital advertisers is that there will be a regression in the targeted delivery of advertising on the general web. This will result in a few companies dominating the online advertising market e.g. Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The death of third-party cookies is not all bad for advertisers. A major positive is that contextual advertising will make a comeback – the quality of content is set to improve and lower tier websites will recede. This also means that platforms with a right to consumer data (first-party cookies), operating in a closed platform environment, have the opportunity to improve on the content of adverts served to users.

So, the crumbling of the cookies is set to do away with the crumbly, insubstantial bits of online content and advertising, allowing us to enjoy the delicious chocolate nuggets of quality information – which is all we are really interested in after all!

And as for ‘us’ in our local newspaper environment…we’ve never been the greatest fans of “junk food”. We’ll continue to deliver our free weekly feast of good quality, locally relevant content. A hearty serving of the latest news and shopping information delivered to the homes of the right audience, in the right place, at the right time!

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