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ROOTS 2016 launches this April!


What is ROOTS?

  • ROOTS is the largest urban, quantitative survey conducted within South Africa. The research is commissioned by Caxton CTP, conducted by TNS, and made available to the industry free of charge.
  • The uniqueness of ROOTS lies in the sampling, which is done at a community level rather than at a national level; thus providing marketers and business decision makers with insights into shopper behaviour at a local level.
  • ROOTS 2016 sampled over 120 towns and suburbs, with an overall sample, covering all the major urban areas in South Africa, of 28,216 Purchase Decision Makers.
  • Over many years, a good set of questions has been developed to get the information needed in the best possible way. The latest ROOTS questionnaire covers categories such as demographics, readership, retail, lifestyle, technology in the home as well as digital user behaviour and so much more!
  • The ROOTS survey has been conducted since 2001 and great attention has been taken to maintain continuity in the questioning, to ensure that the data can be trended so as to monitor and interrogate the shifts and changes in the market place over the last 15 years.


Come to the launch!

Spark Media will be hosting the unveiling of ROOTS 2016 data this April:

7th April, Johannesburg

12th April, Cape Town

14th April, Durban

For more information please click on the date and city above for more information.


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