Pressing need to re-assess

“Compiling and editing this information with Caxton Local Newspapers and SPARK Media has convinced me that there is a pressing need for business leaders to re-assess their media investments and, certainly, to reconsider the role that local newspapers should play in...

Caxton Delivers In-home

According to Tracy Schloesser, Business Unit Head at Spark Media,  there aren’t many things that can get into a South African home anymore. A look at the sophisticated systems, distribution networks and the necessary checks & balances required for the physical...

The Secrets of Local Success

Karen Geurtse, who is head of Caxton Local Media explores the secrets of local success. Readers rely on the locally relevant content as a reflection of their communities and enjoy reading “news they can use” in their everyday lives. As humanity becomes more globally...

The scoreboard does not lie

A Local Focus is a Caxton Local Papers and SPARK Media initiative to focus business decision-makers attention on the local newspaper market, which has remained resilient through the testing times of the pandemic. In the last quarter of 2020, an average of 4,885,614 local newspapers were distributed regularly.

1 Minute Read – That’s the way the cookie is crumbling – The decline of data tracking

That’s the way the cookie is crumbling – The decline of data tracking. There has been considerable public pressure for companies to be more respectful in ensuring personal data and information be kept private. The recent article featured on The Media Online A cookie by any other name is still a cookie, outlines how the face of digital marketing and advertising is set to change.

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