Programmatic Advertising

Ignition is Spark Media’s programmatic one stop, we have three distinct solutions under our programmatic offering:


For clients that are new to the programmatic industry or do not have access to a buying desk, we offer a managed service that allows us to buy online ad inventory, on behalf of our clients, in real time! Using some of the most powerful real time buying systems available, we tap into a world of inventory and can buy by the millions or by one user at a time. RTB (Real Time Bidding) based buying means you only pay for the audience you want to speak to. Whether you’re just looking for ad reach or lead generation, we can do it all for you.


We have access to an array of inventory on 100+ credible SA publisher websites. Websites vary in genre from breaking news, community news, national news as well as a variety of lifestyle categories. Inventory is available to buying desks/buyers through Double Click Ad Exchange and can be purchased on the open market, through the Caxton Private market place or through direct deals. We sell according to whatever your preferred method of programmatic buying is.


Programmatic advertising buying is the most scalable and efficient way to buy media in today’s world. When you layer that with the power of data, we are talking about unprecedented advertising effectiveness. Our data management platform, Bluekai evaluates key website audiences across the 100+ credible publisher sites to which we have access. These key audiences are made available for purchase through our SELL solutions.

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