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We bring you the latest looks to hit the print fashion scene. At the moment Local press is flourishing with 4.8 million copies delivered to homes and businesses in urban SA every week. According to ROOTS 65% of purchase decision makers are reading their local paper.

Reach the right people, at the right place and time, in the right environment with our Innovative Print Solutions. Our offering comprises a variety of print solutions including Power Wraps, Insert Jackets, Powernote’s, Belly Bands and More! See our bouquet of print solutions below.

Layered Inserts

The more layers, the more interesting the look.

Highlight the different facets of your business by using three inserts of varying sizes in one consolidated package. Best used for: Different categories of products within one company.


Power Wrap

Achieve maximum coverage while showing your full range.

If you’re the type who wants to be the centre of attention, this is the look for you. You’ve now got the flexibility to display your offerings on high quality constat paper with the look of cashmere and the cost of cotton. This pre-printed three quarter page leaflet is placed on the front of the paper. Best used for: Range, continuity, store openings, launches


Insert Jacket

A great jacket completes the look.

Own the shopping environment by placing your message on the jacket that holds the inserts. Sadly, no retail or price & product advertising allowed.Best used for: Motoring, banking, FMCG, CSI


Die Cut

A great design is cut to specifications of the size and shape of the model. Make your promotions come to life with a Die Cut insert. Best used for: Launches, competitions


Power Note

Anyone with an eye for fashion knows that labels matter.

Give your brand a distinct identity with these interactive stickers that extend the life of your promotion. Powernotes are stuck on the front page of certain publications. Best used for: Competitions and store openings


Belly Band

Unwrap this all-rounder and discover hidden treasures underneath.

Customers will engage with your message to get valuable content inside. Belly bands are placed around the publication. Best used for: Reveals, competitions, product launches



This baggy beauty dominates the publication with bold messaging. Wrap the local paper in a plastic bag and slip in a sample. Best used for: Product launches, sampling & birthday promotions



The Digiquill is the latest in digital print technology, enabling you to create unique messaging on each copy.

Increase advertising revenue with the ability to offer variable and micro-zoned ads. Best used for: Regional offers, target market specific campaigns, competitions, unique bar codes or QR codes.

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