There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters

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Local government elections are the building bricks of our democracy. The voter-base experiences their daily life in the communities where they live. Strong, well-informed and functional communities are pivotal to our country.

Communities often referred to their trusted local newspaper as the “voice” of their community. As a free and fair media type, holding power to account is an entrenched pillar of the local newsroom.  

In the midst of “a fake news pandemic”, the negative implications of unverified information are far-reaching. Misinformation and rumours often go unchecked across social media and people find it difficult to distinguish truth from fabrication.

News media continues to play an important role in our lives, shaping knowledge, attitudes and behaviour, but most importantly driving necessary societal change and continuing to hold the powerful to account. This is why local news remains vital, it provides information about the municipal management in an area and at times like these, it explains the electoral voting system and provides “news you can use” to keep communities informed.

There is no world in which national or even regional media can cover news at a local level. Local newspaper content is wanted due to its unique nature and the advertising within these publications perform particularly well because they are described as useful and contextually relevant to the reader.

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