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Who We Are

Spark Media, a division of Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd is an advertising and media-solutions, sales company.  We represent Caxton-owned local newspapers, as well as selected independent publications in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer solutions that focus on location-targeted content.

The SPARK team is made up of a combination of industry stalwarts and savvy, young thinkers. We are firm believers in evidence-based marketing principles and invest heavily into local South African research. To this end, our team of researchers, analysts, marketing academics, product specialists and sales people are committed to partnering with our clients to craft media strategies that will help grow their brands.

This intel team is ably-assisted by professional bookings, admin, production, AdOps and finance departments.

What We Do

Strategically – Our sales and marketing team work closely with clients to determine how best to achieve maximum reach and engagement with their potential customers.

Effective media solutions are recommended based on our access to “ROOTS” research, our scientific understanding of consumer behaviour and many other relevant sources of current information (local and international).

Operationally – SPARK Media is a centralised division for the following services:

  • Bookings
  • Material dispatch
  • Ad operations
  • Billing
  • Design
  • Mapping

Spark Media Insights

Our core value proposition is about providing our clients with ‘Insights that Ignite.’ We are in an unrivalled position to help clients build their brands based on access to some of the most powerful information sources such as ROOTS, for Marketing Science and other valuable intelligence sources.


ROOTS has a library of over 30 years of data showcasing how consumers behave, what they look like, how they have changed over time, what print media they consume, where they shop as well as other rich and relevant data and insights – All at a local geographic level.

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