Where2GetIt renamed Brandify

Where2GetIt, SPARK Media’s local pages and store locator partners, has been absorbed into the core business brand that is now known as Brandify.

The industry-leading provider of location-based digital marketing solutions made the name change official in mid-September 2015 during the company’s inaugural Brandify Summit in California. Today, SPARK Media would like to remind the industry abroad of the name change and assure clients that the specialized service—which converts location data into valuable customer insights to help marketers hyper-personalize their reach—will continue to remain untouched.

“The relationship with our exclusive partners in the United States is strong as we continue to utilise its technology solutions locally,” said Marc du Plessis, Commercial Director at SPARK Media, “Under the new name of Brandify, we expect business to remain as usual and look forward to many more years of business partnership together.”

Through Brandify, SPARK Media offers hyper local websites for retailers by branch; geocoding; and driving directions customizable for mobile, tablet and social networks which show consumers the closest store to them.

“Over the last 18 years, the Where2GetIt name has brought us some great relationships abroad, including SPARK Media,” said Manish Patel, founder and CEO of Brandify (formerly Where2GetIt). “Moving forward as Brandify, we are excited to further build on that success by providing current and new partners worldwide with a more comprehensive view of an enterprise’s location-based marketing efforts.”

Under the new name, Brandify seeks to integrate the enterprise’s location-based strategy by delivering the necessary solutions and services to optimise their brand’s digital presence in one platform. Customers and partners like SPARK Media will continue to benefit from the legacy products and services established by Where2GetIt while also gaining access to proprietary technology that allows them to better understand the connection they have with their customers.

About Brandify                    

Brandify is an industry-leading provider of location-based digital marketing solutions that provides brands with a better understanding of their connection to their customers. Brandify does this by capturing data as well as providing technology, strategy and customized services to help brands maximize their online presence and drive customers to their locations. Established in 1997, Brandify (formerly known as Where2GetIt) powers more than 500 brands and serves more than 4.5 million brick and mortar locations. Brandify has channel strength that reaches millions of consumers around the world. CEO Manish Patel has led Brandify in developing local marketing solutions that include the brand score platform, scalable local SEO, local advertising, mobile-local technologies and local-social marketing tools.


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