While the world is shocked by the Trump presidential election win, Gill Randall, Joint CEO at SPARK Media believes that we have witnessed one of the most successful marketing campaigns.

So just how did the unthinkable happen? According to Randall, Trump’s election campaign simply applied, with aplomb, some of the evidence-based principles of marketing, namely relevance, sticky communication and distinctive assets.

Firstly, he understood the ‘fertile ground’, that was the mind of his voters (market segment) – for example, too many immigrants taking jobs from middle class Americans.

Secondly, he crafted his messaging to land this fertile ground (relevance). He often broke through the rhetoric by saying “unexpected” and sometimes outrageous things; but his story was concrete and consistent.

He leveraged his distinctive assets (his hairstyle)! This resulted in the real objectives of a marketing campaign:

  • Mental availability – lots of memory structure devoted to the brand, making it (him) hugely salient and easy to come-to-mind in a voting (buying) situation by as many people as possible.
  • Fame – achieved by mass reach of the campaign
  • Continuously – this brand was in our faces, day after day, week after week; thereby maintaining salience.


Sticky communication/messaging backed by evidence-based marketing principles = success!


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