Have you heard the line ‘cut the marketing budget’ since Covid-19 hit our shores? It’s any marketer’s nightmare, and contrary to what we have learnt from previous situations like the one we face today.

During the current situation, brands should be taking this opportunity to gain market share and in fact grow their consumer base. Research finds that people expect brands to advertise over this period, as they will more than likely trust you less if you don’t.  Remaining top of mind so that your brand is thought of in a buying situation is key, and advertising does just that.

As Mark Ritson puts it, “During a recession, marketers have two weapons: brand and ads. Brands can find themselves in an unusual situation where they can build a competitive advantage against other brands, especially by planning smartly for the recovery and advertising when not many other brands are.

SPARK Media represents over 140 local newspapers and now, more than ever, people are yearning for the delivery of their credible newspapers for news content and shopping information.

The advertising in local papers keep both retailers and brands on the consumer’s repertoire list week after week. SPARK Media can give you further insight into how people shop using their ROOTS research and show how local papers deliver total market coverage of local news across South Africa.

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