As of July 1, 2016, SPARK Media will revert to its core business of being the company that knows local and retail (in the broadest sense).

Going forward, SPARK Media will focus on being the ‘go-to-people’ for retail and location-based marketing solutions. SPARK Media will represent local traditional and digital media platforms, namely – Caxton owned local newspapers and online assets – as well as current and future partners that are in line with their clear objective of delivering locally relevant, effective audiences for our advertising clients. SPARK is also well aware of the important role that news & lifestyle content offerings play within the print and digital space, and will continue working with key partners, both owned and 3rd party.

To this end, SPARK Media will not be renewing contracts with major partners, such as Vodacom Please Call Me, BBM and LinkedIn. “Partnering with platforms that do not “fit” could potentially distract us from what we know best,” said Gill Randall, CEO of SPARK Media. “It is time to use the lessons of the past year, go back to our purpose and strip away unnecessary complexity.”

SPARK Media is grateful for the vast knowledge and experience gained from the relationships with these prestigious partners. It has been an amicable parting of ways based on sound business principles and SPARK has undertaken to continue recommending these platforms when and where relevant.

July 1, 2016, also sees a change in the leadership of SPARK Media

As synchronicity would have it, John Bowles, the current COO of SPARK Media has chosen to spend more time in Cape Town. So while John will not be leaving SPARK Media, he will be stepping down as the COO and instead dividing his time between his responsibilities to Caxton, in the Cape, as well as starting a new entrepreneurial venture called Turn Left Media.

LinkedIn will be Turn Left Media’s first major partner. Click here for more on Turn Left Media.

The SPARK team would like to wish John and his new team all the success for the future and thank him and Marius Greeff, who joins him at Turn Left Media, for the enormous contribution that they have made to the company.

Randall added, “It also gives me great pleasure to announce that Marc du Plessis will take up the reigns as my new partner and joint CEO of SPARK Media. Marc has invested an enormous amount of effort, time and energy into NAB and now SPARK Media and is hugely deserving of this appointment.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to assure all our clients that we will continue to invest heavily into bringing cutting edge research and consumer behaviour insights to the market. Our key goal remains that of partnering with clients to ensure your campaigns deliver more of the right audience at the right time and in the right context, ultimately helping your brands grow,” concludes Randall.

SPARK Media would like to thank all our clients and partners for their continued support and we look forward to a future that looks clear, promising and purposeful – together.

To contact SPARK Media call 010 492 8390, visit, follow us on Twitter – or connect with ‘SPARK Media’ (sparkmediasa) on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Spark Media DNA

Established in 2015, SPARK Media is a result of a fusing between NAB and Habari Media using the legacy platforms and Caxton owned print and digital products in the form of NAB and a cutting edge digital sales agency in the form of Habari Media to create this new media sales powerhouse.

SPARK Media are Strategic Partners in Audience Research and Knowledge and we offer ‘Insights that Ignite’.

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