SPARK Media, a division of Caxton CTP Limited and a fusion between NAB (the Newspaper Advertising Bureau) and Habari Media (digital media specialists), has recently launched a new division called the Digital Briefcase.


Through this offering, businesses have access to an array of digital marketing services as well as expert digital advice.  This allows the business owner to focus on what they do best – running their business – while the digital marketing efforts are managed by Digital Briefcase

The new division is headed up by General Manager, Kristin Louw and working alongside her are digital experts Dumisani Ndhlovu, Tamlyn Barker and Melissa Simpson.

“Digital Briefcase offers a 360 degree marketing toolkit to SMEs, at a time when they begin to promote their products and services online,” says Louw. “We aim to serve the digital marketing needs of all South African businesses regardless of their size, helping them build profitable and engaged audiences.”

Central to the Digital Briefcase offering is the design and hosting of professional, user friendly, responsive websites. “Websites are the core of any online presence and the foundation for future marketing endeavours,” says Louw.  “We can offer our clients a custom designed website within days. We work on a ‘do it with me’ model that allows businesses to  have a professional, effective website built for them whilst updating their own content as they wish.

With a full service offering including customised design, copywriting and affordable hosting  as well as a monthly managed content update service, Digital Briefcase can offer it all. Quick turnaround time, high quality, easy online maintenance and accurate reporting systems are all features that make the Digital Briefcase website offering for SMEs unique.

From there, a business can utilise awareness driving platforms, such as display and video advertising. Digital Briefcase also offers search engine advertising through Google Adwords ensuring that businesses are found online, as well as social media campaign management on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Programmatic buying on Habari Exchange is also on offer.

“We’ve found that while small businesses need digital marketing solutions, it is often seen to be costly and daunting. Digital Briefcase will partner with these companies and assist them in reaching new clientele, enabling previously untapped revenue and relationships,” states Louw.

Other retail solutions include the Store Locator and Local Pages solutions, Localised Video, Retail Advertising Network (RAN) and RAN Offers

For more information on this product visit http://digitalbriefcase.co.za/ or contact Kristin Louw at 010 492 8378 or kristinl@digitalbriefcase.co.za.


Follow SPARK Media on Twitter at https://twitter.com/thedigitalbc or look for them on Facebook www.facebook.com/digitalbriefcase

To contact SPARK Media call 010 492 8390, visit www.sparkmedia.co.za, follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SparkMediasa or look for ‘SPARK Media’ on Facebook or Instagram (sparkmediasa).


Established in 2015, SPARK Media is a result of a fusing between NAB and Habari Media using the legacy platforms and Caxton owned print and digital products in the form of NAB and a cutting edge digital sales agency in the form of Habari Media to create this new media sales powerhouse.

SPARK Media are Strategic Partners in Audience Research and Knowledge and they offer ‘Insights that Ignite’.

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