Digital Sales Course created by SPARK Media and Red & Yellow

While there are many curriculums and courses for digital media, strategy, marketing, copywriting, social media etc, none of them deal with the topic of selling the digital medium to marketers and agencies. SPARK Media together with Red & Yellow resolve the situation by creating a new Digital Sales Course.

“As a media sales powerhouse, we feel the lack of this necessary skill the most acutely,” says SPARK Media’s CEO Gill Randall. “By collaborating with Red & Yellow, we have worked on creating the Digital Sales Course, in conjunction with our in-house Digital Sales Academy to provide students with the best possible grounding in online advertising and digital sales.”

The course will focus on Marketing Communications and the Role of Online Advertising, Introduction to Online Advertising, Implementing Performance and Premium Display Campaigns, Implementing Social Media Campaigns and finally Selling Digital Media.

“Red & Yellow is dynamic and very much in tune with the advertising and marketing industry’s needs and a very good fit with SPARK Media,” says Randall. “We feel they have a similar vision and vested interest in developing the youth of today.”

The SPARK Media internal Digital Sales Academy has performed very well. Over the past year the interns have completed their Red & Yellow Digital Marketing course and passed with flying colours. They are currently job shadowing within the different divisions of Caxton.

“We are already seeing the benefits of the training as the current interns do their rounds amongst the various Caxton businesses,” concludes Randall. “We look forward to welcoming the next intake which will be starting in March.”

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