Spark Insights

At Spark Media we go above and beyond to not offer innovative marketing solutions for your business, but also provide a range of valuable industry insights and news. We have developed our own custom insights dashboard called Storyteller to bring businesses in-depth consumer insights. We have also partnered with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, the worlds largest marketing research center to bring you consumer behaviour research.



SPARK Media has developed their own custom insights dashboard’s, collectively called Storyteller,  using some of the industry’s leading databases including AMPS, Effective Measure, Addynamix etc.

In addition, there are some digital dashboards built in that give a good sense of their

(i) Digital savviness as a brand/product user group and
(ii) Digital behaviours online via PC and Mobile.

Storyteller is a great tool for any marketing practitioner who wants a quick, useful and insightful understanding of who their market is, particularly in terms of their digital behaviours.



Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is the world’s largest centre for research into marketing. Their behavioural research stretches over 40 years and can be replicated across markets. They, like SPARK, are firm believers that it is more important for advertisers to reach a large number of people continuosly than small groups of people frequently.

Visit their website here.


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