The largest, most robust, quantitative community survey of urban South Africa, providing insights for marketers about people, their behaviours, activities, shopping, reading and path to purchase habits, ROOTS, launches its latest set of results in June.

The ROOTS survey provides single source information from over 27 000 randomly selected face-to-face interviews across many South African urban communities, using a proven, credible methodology while being more detailed than any other such survey in South Africa.

“Along with the inclusion of new industry metrics like SEM’s, we’ve added new areas across the country, included more categories and even added questions on game-changers like Uber and Gautrain,” says Debbie McIntyre, Marketing Services and Research Director SPARK Media.

“ROOTS 2019 insights will enable marketers and advertisers to understand who their market is, how they’ve changed, where they live and shop, how they behave and how to reach them.”

As well as the traditional categories like Food and Groceries, Auto, Appliances, Home Accessories, Clothing, Shopping Centres, DIY, Travel, Finance and Insurance, more detail has been added on Health and Wellbeing, Buying/Renting a Home, Loyalty Cards, Mobility including ‘how’ and ‘how far’ consumers are willing to travel to shop. Other additions include connectivity, entertainment (yes, even Streaming) and even data on some life milestones too.

The real win for users is that this trendable big data set can be analysed at a combined big, broad picture level or distilled down to community by community detail providing opportunities for marketers looking for changes, differences and gaps.

“As digital technology integrates itself in all parts of life, we have included these options as they relate to peoples search, shopping, entertainment and reading behaviour too,” concludes Debbie.

“Since its inception in the 1980’s, the ROOTS research methodology provides a national snapshot that is designed to enable detailed analysis and decision making at a local level, and we are excited to continue to build on this proven data set that is so critical for marketers.
Watch this space, #ROOTS2019 is coming!”

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