Did you know that Tzaneen has more business and company owners than anywhere else in South Africa, which is nearly double to the Northcliff/Melville area? These figures may surprise some, especially considering the amount of small businesses in these areas catering to the local community.

Caxton’s ROOTS 2016 launched by SPARK Media, Africa’s largest urban community survey, provides powerful insights into consumers at a local level and amongst many categories, offering insights into, for example – the business owner.

“Where are the most people located that own a business or company? Where are the entrepreneurs that want to start their own business? Does their spouse own a business or want to start one?” asks SPARK Media CEO Gill Randall. “Drilling down to the micro level, ROOTS 2016 is able to provide answers to these questions and more.”

The battle for marketers, advertisers, media agencies and just about anyone that wants to communicate their products and services to a target audience, is on the ground at a local level. Even for national brands it’s all about local relevance.

As an example: a fictitious national insurance company has developed a new insurance policy for business owners. While it is possible to produce a national advertising campaign, the real insights occur at local level. Nationally, 8% of PDMs (Purchase Decision Maker) own their own business, but some areas are more entrepreneurial than others, for example Tzaneen Metropolitan comes out tops, at 22%, in terms of the percentage of PDMs who own their own company.

Other noteworthy areas with a high prominence of people owing their own business is Umhlanga at 21%, Polokwane – East – Metropolitan with 18%, Benoni – JHB and Highway/ Pinetown (East & West)  – Durban at 16% while Polokwane Metropolitan (CBD/ East), Milnerton – Cape Town and Northcliff / Melville – JHB have 14%.

Additionally, South Africa is a good example of an entrepreneurial country with 32% of PDMs that would like to start their own business with 5% of their spouses or partners who would also like to start their own business.

“With the data in hand, it’s crucial that marketers decide how best to use that information within a broader framework of globally proven consumer behaviour laws,” says Randall. ”The opportunities become clear when advertisers know where their target audience is located.”

Topline data is available on www.sparkmedia.co.za

For more information about ROOTS 2016, contact SPARK Media on 010 492 8329. Or connect on Twitter @sparkmediasa #ROOTS2016 or find us on Facebook at SPARK Media.

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