If you’re aiming to simply ‘move products off shelves’, then understanding these 2 insights will help you achieve your goal

Insight 1: People shop weekly

People come into the market at different times in the month.

On an aggregate level, over 80% of shopping is still happening on the weekend, therefore it makes sense to communicate with potential shoppers every week!

Insight 2: Markets are thin

Not everyone is in the market for your products every week, advertising does not convince people that they need something. Life does. For example; the coffee finishes, the dishwasher stops working, you need to attend a wedding…

As an advertiser, your advert may need many “cues” (what retailers call range) to attract the largest number of possible clients to your stores. These multiple invitations need to reach the maximum number of potential shoppers who might be in the market for your product category and give all of them a reason to select your store.

Local newspapers are a key retail partner because they deliver maximum reach of the right people, in the right areas, in a cost-effective way. The delivery of local newspapers also happens at the right time i.e. before the weekend activities, when consumers are actively pre-planning the shopping activity.

This has created an environment where people are ‘primed’ to pay attention to close-to-home activities such as shopping. It is one of the reasons people use the media type: to consult the advertising as a reference point.

For more information on the relevance of advertising in local newspapers, contact Spark Media


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