Contrary to popular belief, Local papers are healthy and thriving. People anticipate the arrival of their local paper delivery on a weekly basis, and have been delighted with the growing array of inserts and the innovative ways brands are using this media.

The Rosebank Killarney Gazette demonstrated a myriad of print insert products recently – from the impressive insert jacket, to an A4 and A3 single sheet insert, a PowerWrap and an 8-page feature insert with an interactive competition by Canon. Readers were thrilled with the range of advertising and were captured by the brands using these different formats.

Various print insert formats by Caxton

“A huge advantage of using print innovation products, and even inserts and competition elements in our papers, is they encourage people to touch and feel your brand and increase the potential to keep the information in the home for longer” says Sales Director of SPARK Media, Olav Westphal.

The print order of the Rosebank Killarney Gazette has increased from 27 000 to 40 000 copies effective 26 May to incorporate areas that were previously part of the Joburg East Express and North Eastern Tribune areas, thus expanding their footprint.

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