Twitter is the best way to connect with people, express yourself and discover what’s happening. Businesses use Twitter to share information about their services, gather real-time market intelligence, and build relationships with customers, partners and influencers.

Are you using Twitter but not achieving a large reach with your content? Are you wanting to increase the amount of followers? We understand how to best use paid advertising to increase tweet reach and gain followers. Whether you are just looking for a credit facility to run your own Twitter adverts or wanting the additional expert advice, we offer both services to our clients.

Open a Credit Facility:

To avoid having to pay on your credit card you can open a Twitter credit facility with Spark Media. This allows you to open an account with Twitter through us and will only be billed at the end of the month for what you have spent.

  • You don’t have to use a personal credit card to pay for your ads on Twitter
  • You have access to a credit facility as long as you desire i.e. one month, six months or a year.
  • You only have to pay at the end of the month, not after every campaign
  • Opportunity for your posts to be “always on”
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Examples of Twitter Ads

Let us manage your campaign:

At a small management fee (10% of your total budget) we can run your advertising campaign for you on Twitter. We will also provide you a dedicated campaign manager as well as best practice strategy and advice.

According to what your marketing objective is will determine the set-up and creative required for your Twitter campaign. Through Twitter advertising you can achieve brand engagement as well as drive performance. With Twitter you can promote your Twitter, promote your favorite tweets, own trends, generate leads for your business and much more.

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