Store Locator & Local Page Technology

Our Store Locator Technology : Helping customers find your store locations!

We offer advanced Store Locator and Local Page Technology that will help your customers find you in South Africa.

We have partnered with Brandify, a world leading Technology Company based in the USA to bring Store Locator and Local Page Technology to a South African Audience. Having worked with big international brands such as the North Face and Ben and Jerry’s, Brandify has over 18 years of experience in Store Location Technology making them the ideal partner for Spark Media.

Store Locator Technology

We provide Store Location Technology which can be easily implemented on your website via an iframe or hosted exclusively by us on a sub-domain. This location technology allows for:

  • A responsive store locator for your business which adapts to both desktop and mobile.
  • The store locator provides a great user experience and allows users to easily find details about your stores including physical locations, telephone numbers, driving directions and open hours.
  • The easy to use content management system will allow you to update store location information immediately and effortlessly
  • The reporting tools will also inform user behaviour on the Store Locator.


Local Page Technology

It is widely accepted that Internet users search for businesses in location specific contexts. Our Local Page Technology allows us to harness the power of Search Engine Optimization to allow users find your local stores in their area. The Local Pages are:

  • Unique landing pages for each of your stores which contain information about the store location, telephone number, open hours, driving directions, store specific coupons and other unique store information.
  • These pages help to share content with users at a local level: To drive brand visibility and location information for every store.
  • The Local Pages are also built responsively which allows for a seamless user experience whether you are viewing local pages on a desktop or mobile device.
  • The easy to use CMS system allows store owners (or the franchisor) to update store specific details easily and effectively. We’ve also got a range of pricing options for our store locator service offerings.

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