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Like many towns in KwaZulu-Natal, the history of Vryheid is deeply imbued in the political ambitions of the British colonial forces, the South African Boers, and the indigenous Zulu Empire. The area of Vryheid was bequeathed to the Boers by the Zulu king, Dinuzulu, after they allied with him against his rival in the succession battle for the throne. The area was quickly established as the sovereign Nieuwe Republiek, and the town of Vryheid became its capital. It was after the Second Anglo-Boer War that Vryheid fell under the administration of British ruled Natal. Today, the town is well-known for its coal mining and ranging activities.

The Vryheid Herald is a sold community newspaper that keeps the residents of this historic town and its surrounds informed about important local news, sports, school happenings, entertainment and retail offerings. Forebears to the modern Herald are the Nieuwe Republikein (1890s) and the Vryheid Herald and District News (early 20th century). The contemporary Herald, however, has no direct connection to either of the latter titles, and was founded relatively recently (1983) by Terry Bunge.

Over the past 4 decades, the Vryheid Herald has striven to achieve and maintain high levels of journalistic excellence and integrity, and we look forward to nurturing the good relationship we enjoy with our readers.

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