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The Rising Sun newspapers were founded in 1986 by CEO, Vijay Maharaj. As Apartheid zoning laws designated communities based on ethnicity, Vijay recognised a need for reputable newspapers to serve the South African Indian community and address local issues in (then) Indian-designated areas. Since the democratisation of South Africa in 1994, the once exclusively Indian communities around the country still celebrate their vibrant culture and heritage, while the previously state enforced racial barriers recede into the past.

Overport was initially an estate in colonial Natal, and was christened with its name by William Hartely, the eighth mayor of Durban. Today, Overport is a suburb situated just west of the Durban city centre, and borders Berea. It is home to many residents who work and play in the vibrant and ever-evolving city of Durban and its surrounds.

As a popular publication, the Overport Rising Sun is dedicated to fulfilling Vijay Maharaj’s vision of providing local news, entertainment, sports, school events and shopping bargains that are highly relevant to communities within our area of distribution. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of journalistic excellence, and pride ourselves on being unbiased and credible.

Print Rates

Print Order: 45 000
Frequency: Weekly
Distribution: Thursday
Area: Overort
Free/Sold: Free
Language: English

Booking Deadline:
 Thursday at 12h00
Material Deadline: Monday at 12h00
Full Page Size: 390 mm x 265 mm
Column Width:  8 columns x 31 mm

ROP Rates:

Black and White: R68.30
1 Spot: R85.37
Full Colour: R102.45

Vacancy & Auction Rates

Black and White: R75.13
1 Spot: R93.91
Full Colour: R112.69

Loose Insert Rates

Pages: Insert Rate: If Printed By CTP:
1-8 Pages R 760 R 525
1-16 Pages R 835 R 606
18-24 Pages R 915 R 655
28-32 Pages R 1001 R 724
36-40 Pages R 1 080 R 783
44-48 Pages R 1 156 R 853
50-58 Pages R 1 248 R 919
60-68 Pages R 1 350 R 994
72+ Pages R 1 455 R 1 074

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