Northern Natal Courier

The Northern Natal Courier operates from Dundee, KZN, and is one of the oldest local community newspapers in Caxton’s stable. Dating back to 1899, the publication was barely wet behind the ears when the Anglo-Boer War broke out in October of that year. Once the British forces reclaimed the town in 1900, the Courier was once again circulated under the stewardship of SW Leake and then W Doidge. It was, however, the efforts of the Norenius family that entrenched the Courier as a reputable member of the Northern KZN community.

The Norenius family hailed from Sweden, and made their way to colonial Natal as missionaries that aimed to print isiZulu translations of the Bible. Rob Burns took the helm of the Courier in the early 1970, and subsequently made the Courier the country’s first tri-lingual newspaper (English, Afrikaans, isiZulu). Today, the Courier remains a trusted and well-known member of the community, and our efforts are aimed at maintaining our standing as a credible source of important community news.

Our area of distribution includes: Dundee, Glencoe, Dannhauser, Wasbank, Hattingspruit, Durnacol, Nquthu, Vryheid, Pomeroy and the surrounding rural areas of KZN.

Print Rates

Print Order: 4 200
Frequency: Weekly
Distribution: Wednesday
Area: Dundee
Free/Sold: Sold
Language: English

Booking Deadline:
 Monday at 10h00
Material Deadline: Monday at 17h00
Full Page Size: 390 mm x 265 mm
Column Width:  8 columns x 31 mm

ROP Rates:

Black and White: R32.03
1 Spot: R40.03
Full Colour: R48.03

Vacancy & Auction Rates

Black and White: R35.23
1 Spot: R44.03
Full Colour: R52.83

Loose Insert Rates

Pages: Insert Rate: If Printed By CTP:
1-8 Pages R 760 R 525
1-16 Pages R 835 R 606
18-24 Pages R 915 R 655
28-32 Pages R 1001 R 724
36-40 Pages R 1 080 R 783
44-48 Pages R 1 156 R 853
50-58 Pages R 1 248 R 919
60-68 Pages R 1 350 R 994
72+ Pages R 1 455 R 1 074

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