Eyethu uMgungundlovu

Eyethu KwaZulu-Natal was born in 2008, and is currently the largest circulating Black owned newspaper brand in the Province. We are proud to point out that our 11 community based newspapers tally up a total of over 301 000 copies produced weekly. Our readership is extensive, and we have worked hard to gain trust as a credible and unbiased source of important community news. Moreover, we’d like highlight the fact that whereas isiZulu has been neglected as a language in the media in the past, it is the language of choice in our publications, naturally ensuring a large and loyal readership given KwaZulu-Natal’s demographic profile.

The Eyethu uMngeni Newspaper forms part of the Eyethu stable, and as such, aims to maintain its reputation as a highly credible source of community news. Our area of distribution includes Hilton, Howick and Mpophomeni, and the majority of our readers are steeped in a traditional Zulu lifestyle. It is important to note that the above mentioned culture of our readers is quite different from that found in urban populations: Eyethu uMngeni therefore recognises the unique needs of a primarily rural readership, and is sensitised to the issues and concerns that those in our distribution area experience.

Print Rates

Print Order: 20 000
Frequency: Bi-monthly (mid-month and month-end)
Distribution: Thursday
Area: Mpophomeni & Howick
Free/Sold: Free
Language: English

Booking Deadline:
 Friday at 09h00
Material Deadline: Monday at 09h00
Full Page Size: 390 mm x 265 mm
Column Width:  8 columns x 31 mm

ROP Rates:

Black and White: R30.94
1 Spot: R38.67
Full Colour: R46.40

Vacancy & Auction Rates

Black and White: R34.03
1 Spot: R42.54
Full Colour: R51.04

Loose Insert Rates

Pages: Insert Rate: If Printed By CTP:
1-8 Pages R 760 R 525
1-16 Pages R 835 R 606
18-24 Pages R 915 R 655
28-32 Pages R 1001 R 724
36-40 Pages R 1 080 R 783
44-48 Pages R 1 156 R 853
50-58 Pages R 1 248 R 919
60-68 Pages R 1 350 R 994
72+ Pages R 1 455 R 1 074

Terms and Conditions:

Please note these are advertising rates for 2016-2017
All rates on this page exclude VAT
Please contact us directly for Recruitment Rates
Please note that rates and print orders are subject to change

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