Sandton Chronicle

The Sandton Chronicle has been the voice of the community for almost 46 years and delivers local news and advertising to 51 650 doorsteps and businesses every week. On a typical Wednesday around 129 125* Sandtonites aged 16 and over will read the Sandton Chronicle. Independent research shows that 59 percent of decision-makers living in the Sandton area read the Sandton Chronicle, while only 11 percent read The Star and 19 percent The Times.
There are 82 714 purchasing decision-makers in the area.

Print Rates

Print Order: 51 650
Frequency: Weekly
Distribution: Wednesday
Area: Sandton
Free/Sold: Free
Language: English

Booking Deadline: Friday at 09h00
Material Deadline: Monday at 09h00
Full Page Size: 390 mm x 265 mm
Column Width: 8 columns x 31 mm

ROP Rates:

Black and White: R99.48
1 Spot: R124.34
Full Colour: R149.25

Vacancy & Auction Rates

Black and White: R109.43
1 Spot: R136.77
Full Colour: R164.17

Loose Insert Rates

Pages: Insert Rate: If Printed By CTP:
1-8 Pages R 717 R 494
1-16 Pages R 788 R 572
18-24 Pages R 863 R 618
28-32 Pages R 945 R 683
36-40 Pages R 1 019 R 739
44-48 Pages R 1 091 R 805
50-58 Pages R 1 177 R 867
60-68 Pages R 1273 R 938
72+ Pages R 1373 R 1 013

Terms and Conditions:

Please note these are advertising rates for 2016-2017
All rates on this page exclude VAT
Please contact us directly for Recruitment Rates
Please note that rates and print orders are subject to change

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