Sasolburg Ster

The Sasolburg Ster was established when its parent newspaper, the Vaal Ster, was split into four brand new publications in the attempt to answer to the ever-evolving needs and demands of communities within the economically expanding Vaal Triangle.

The Sasolburg Ster, much like its trusted predecessor, enjoys a reputation for being the publication of choice when it comes to reporting on local news, sports news, community news and gatherings, school news and events, local governance, municipal news, police and traffic news, crime, charity and church news, and lifestyle news.

In The Sasolburg area the newspaper’s diverse readers considers the publication an indispensible source of useful and accurate information pertaining to the Vaal region in general, and Sasolburg in particular.

The Sasolburg Ster sets its sights high when it comes to quality journalism, and is absolutely committed to maintaining its standards as a valued service provider for the community.

The paper has a print order of 15 000 copies, distributed weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday, in the following areas: Sasolburg, Antiqua Bay, Chris Hani, Clavadel, Deneysville, Groenpunt Prison, Harry Gwala, Industries, Kragbron, Old Zamdela, Protema, Saspark, Taylor Park, Vaalpark and Welgelegen West.

Given the dramatically increasing buying power of Sasolburg residents, they further look to the paper’s advertising sheets for local business offerings and notable retail shopping bargains.

Print Rates

Print Order: 15 000
Frequency: Weekly
Distribution: Tuesday/Wednesday
Area: Sasolburg
Free/Sold: Free
Language: English / Afrikaans

Booking Deadline: Wednesday at 12h00
Material Deadline: Friday at 12h00
Full Page Size: 390 mm x 265 mm
Column Width: 8 columns x 31 mm

ROP Rates:

Black and White: R36.15
1 Spot: R45.18
Full Colour: R54.22

Vacancy & Auction Rates

Black and White: R39.77
1 Spot: R46.70
Full Colour: R59.64

Loose Insert Rates

Pages: Insert Rate: If Printed By CTP:
1-8 Pages R 760 R 525
1-16 Pages R 835 R 606
18-24 Pages R 915 R 655
28-32 Pages R 1001 R 724
36-40 Pages R 1 080 R 783
44-48 Pages R 1 156 R 853
50-58 Pages R 1 248 R 919
60-68 Pages R 1 350 R 994
72+ Pages R 1 455 R 1 074

Terms and Conditions:

Please note these are advertising rates for 2016-2017
All rates on this page exclude VAT
Please contact us directly for Recruitment Rates
Please note that rates and print orders are subject to change

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