Instagram Advertising

Instagram entered the social networking scene with a bang, giving people a platform to capture and share the world’s moments. Now, a few years later businesses are using Instagram campaigns to tell stories, connect with millions of users and direct huge traffic to their sites.

Instagram advertising runs off Facebook’s advertising platform and therefore is open to anyone and everyone to utilise. At Spark Media however, we offer the additional services of credit facilities, expert advice and campaign optimisation.

But what if you don’t have an Instagram account? Not to worry as long as you have a Facebook page you can still run adverts. This provides the opportunity for you to test before you invest. If you are new to Instagram Advertising and not sure where to start, contact us and we can chat through advertising objectives, budgets and other requirements suited to your individual needs.

Open A Credit Facility

To avoid having to pay on your credit card you can open an Instagram credit facility with Spark Media. This allows you to open an account through us and you will only be billed at the end of the month for what you have spent.

  • No longer use a personal credit card to pay for your Instagram ads
  • You have access to a 30 day credit facility
  • Only pay at the end of the month, not after every campaign
  • Your posts can now be “always on”


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Let Us Manage Your Campaign

At a small management fee (10% of your total budget) we can run your advertising campaigns for you on Instagram. We will provide you with a dedicated campaign manager as well as best practice strategy and advice.

According to what your marketing objective is will determine the set-up and creative required for your Instagram campaign. You can choose to increase brand awareness, video views, encourage app install’s, website conversions and more.

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