Your free online magazine for all aspects of life and offers women on-the-go solutions for everything you ever need to know about love, food, home, health, fashion, sex, parenting, relationships, news, views and more. The key audience is between the age of 25 – 55 years old and mainly reside in Gauteng and Western Cape. All4Women boasts the latest and trending content supplied by a national team of editors to keep the readers up to date on their topics of interest.

 Our Audience

Target a 80+% female audience which boasts the highest number of page views in South Africa across female websites. Newsletters are the biggest driver of traffic to the website. With over 500 000 Unique Users per month, you can choose to talk to 68 000+ women through our daily newsletter, or target specific interests through recipes, beauty tips or one of our other 20 newsletters.


Opportunities on the site include:

  • Display and Mobile Banners
  • Section Takeovers and / or Section Wallpaper
  • Sponsorships
  • Product Widgets
  • Market Research Polls
  • Advertorial packages
  • Newsletter Banners
  • Newsletter Sponsorship

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