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Target consumers near you with our Print and Digital advertising and marketing solutions. At Spark Media we understand that clients have different needs when it comes to marketing solutions and reaching the right audience. We understand the importance of offering our clients both hyper local, local and national marketing services. Our digital solutions offer local and national marketing opportunities for advertising your business on Social Media, Google Adwords & Programmatic Advertising.

We also offer solutions to distribute your specials and deals online via our vast network of Local South African websites. Our digital marketing solutions offer geo-targeting capabilities to accurately target your audience. Our print portfolio comprises of over 170 hyper local Caxton newspapers which Spark Media is responsible for the advertising sales and marketing.

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Spark Media Local Newspapers – South Africa

With over 170 hyper local newspapers country wide, reach your audience now with our newspaper marketing solutions.

South African Local Newspapers
Print Innovation Products

Location Based Digital retail


Location Based Digital Retail Solutions

Showcase your retail specials online via our vast network of websites. We also provide your business store locator technology so people can find you & increase feet in store.

The Retail Ad Network
Digital Location Manager
Local News Network
Store Locator Technology


News & Lifestyle Solutions

Advertise your business on one of our partner websites or delve into the world of branded content.

SanParks Times
Local News Network
Caxton Magazines Digital
Citizen Online
Health Spas

News and Lifestyle
Social Media Solutions


Social Media Advertising Solutions

Target your Social Media ads based on user location, interest, demographics, where they work and more.



Search & Programmatic Solutions

Reach the right audience by serving relevant text & banner ads on the largest network of websites in the world. Make your ads locally relevant by geo-targeting your users via location.

Google AdWords
Programmatic Advertising

Search and Programmatic


Spark Media Newspapers – Africa

Spark Africa is a long standing division of Caxton CTP Publishers and Printers which has been incorporated as an additional business unit into Spark Media.

Spark Africa

Spark Africa

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