Advertising Solutions

The Local News Network

The Local News Network is comprised of 77 hyper-local news sites across South Africa. With 300 journalists on the ground, our websites are often first with breaking news.

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Your free online magazine for all aspects of life and offers women on-the-go solutions for everything you ever need to know about love, food, home, health, fashion, sex, parenting, relationships, news, views and more.

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SPARK inspiHer

SPARK inspiHer is our brand-new product offering. It is a women’s online lifestyle network, spanning the entire Caxton media group. This network inspires and informs up to 4 million women monthly.

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Caxton Magazines

Caxton Magazines comprises nine monthly magazines and three weeklies, many of which dominate in their categories of family, home, women’s interest, lifestyle, décor, entertainment and farming.

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Health Spa’s

The Health Spas Guide provides information about 300+ spas in South Africa and beyond.

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The Citizen

The Citizen in print is a compact tabloid daily newspaper focused on bringing strong, easy to read news and information to our readers in a way that suits their busy lifestyles. See More

SANParks Times

SANParks Times is part of Caxton CPT Ltd’s corporate social-investment project and is a quarterly publication, free to the general public.

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