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SPARK Media’s clients have heart and talent!

SPARK Media's clients, friends and partners proved, that apart from having great golfing, bowling and general knowledge skills at their You’ve Got Talent Games Day, that they also have unmeasured generosity, raising unexpected funds for SPARK Media’s sponsored...

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I want money, that’s what I want!

SPARK Media are offering you two fantastic finance-advertising packages. Please get in touch with us! 1. Increase your click through rate (CTR) by purchasing our targeted, premium display offering: Deliver relevant advertising by purchasing display banners that are...

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Financially savvy readers

Ahead of Budget 2017, Pravin Gordhan is having sleepless nights over poverty, economic growth and transformation. Luckily for him, readers of the local papers understand the importance of financial planning and have the means to invest. If you would like more...

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