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Trumped election or just good marketing?

While the world is shocked by the Trump presidential election win, Gill Randall, Joint CEO at SPARK Media believes that we have witnessed one of the most successful marketing campaigns. So just how did the unthinkable happen? According to Randall, Trump’s... read more

The SPARK Media product wheel

We just wanted to refresh your memory on what SPARK Media can do for you! We represent Caxton-owned local newspapers and related digital assets, as well as selected independent publications in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our offerings also include other digital platforms and... read more

The Era Of Connectivity Is Upon Us And Growing!

As part of SPARK Media’s ethos to continually share ‘Insights that Ignite’ to the advertising and marketing industry, their latest ROOTS cell phone and internet penetration data has come under the spotlight – with some interesting results.   “ROOTS over the... read more

I could have danced all night

More than a year has passed since the launch of SPARK Media. Remember the SPARK Media dance-off, aptly named Strategically Come Dancing? Contestants, supporters, partners and friends reminisce and remember the evening fondly. “Who can believe that our fantastic launch... read more

The Real Reason Marketers Need Advertising

SPARK Media recently hosted Dr Nicole Hartnett, marketing scientist and Senior Research Associate with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for marketing science. She addressed marketers, media strategists and planners, discussing “the real reason why marketers need... read more

Jason Goliath Represents for SPARK Media

SPARK Media teamed up with comedian, actor and MC Jason Goliath and gave him the most unusual brief – to share media research at Mindshare’s Huddle initiative. The Huddle provides media owners with an opportunity to engage directly with Mindshare’s teams and clients... read more