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Avoid becoming a ZOMBIE brand!

"Mental Availability” (being thought of in a buying situation) is critical for your brand’s success. Find out how to turn mental availability knowledge into a strategy that gets consumers to notice and recall your brand when making a purchase decision by using some of...

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September 2017 Audience Spotlight: THE SPORTS ENTHUSIAST

SPARK Ignition Target has got this market covered SPARK Ignition Target is SPARK’s programmatic and direct audience solution which, through our Data Management Platform (DMP), has the capability to collect and deliver relevant, customised interest based audiences....

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SPARK MEDIA: From Printism to Print-o-vation

Fact - local papers are thriving. Community newspapers have not followed the same declining trend that is affecting other print media. To buck the decline, newspapers must find inventive ways to retain and attract advertisers. And advertisers want innovation!...

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SPARK Media extends reach of ROOTS data beyond agencies

ROOTS is South Africa’s largest urban community survey providing powerful insights into consumer’s purchasing behaviour and media consumption habits at a local level. Previously ROOTS data has primarily been accessible to media agencies and SPARK Media’s direct...

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