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Gill Randall, the Chief Executive Officers is ably assisted by fellow directors Debbie McIntyre (Marketing and Research), Olav Westphal (Sales), Diane Albertus (Media Co-ordination) and Celeste Blake (Finance and Operations).

With a collective 100 years of experience in the media and advertising industry, this team remain committed to understanding international and national best practices and cutting edge developments in marketing and media.

Gill Randall

Gill Randall

chief executive officer

Gill Randall began her career with Caxton in 1982. She quickly rose through the ranks of direct advertising sales, direct advertising manager, national sales and then Manging Director of NAB (National sales for Caxton local papers) – a position she held for over 20 years.

In July 2016, she became the CEO of Spark Media.

Gill has always had a passion for the industry and continues to learn and invest time and energy into keeping up to date with all local and global developments and trends in marketing and related disciplines.

She has always played an active role in the media industry, served on the AMASA committee, training at AAA, UJ etc.

Winner of the Media Legend Award in 2013.

Fun Fact:
Groovy granny, golfer and marketing extraordinaire.

T: 0104928337
E: gr@sparkmedia.co.za

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