Hyperlocal refers to all businesses in your vicinity, the nearby general merchant, restaurant, market, mall and other products and service providers. The local businesses can be small to medium to national business which serves every community through its networks or retailers.

Consumers are convenience-driven; therefore, they need to shop locally. The need for convenience is an innate consumer behaviour that drives local business. As consumers shop with local intent, it’s imperative to develop a “close-to-home” and “local marketing” strategy to humanize your brand. 70% of Shoppers use their local paper to plan their shopping.

Local newspapers are the missing piece in the South African e-commerce retail puzzle. Online advertising, re-targeting and email marketing are going to help, but what you need is more customers, with access to your stores (physically or online) thinking of you, more often.  Local newspapers can widen your funnel of shoppers, by making more people aware of your stores in a tangible advert appearing in shopping environment.

Online shopper areas represent a higher LSM, which happens to also have the highest readership of local newspapers. For example, Fourways has the highest incidence of online shopping at 51%. 70% read their local newspaper, the Fourways Review

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It’s no secret, Caxton local newspapers are read by so many, simply because they deliver locally relevant news to readers in their homes. Local newspapers are the only print media that gets into large numbers of SA homes, promoting hyperlocal shopping and local business.

Who is Spark Media?

  • Spark Media, a division of Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd is a media-solutions focused company. 
  • We represent Caxton-owned local newspapers as well as selected independent publications in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • We print and distribute in excess of 3,2 million copies weekly
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