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The Caxton Group has robust relationships with its retail clients and as such, have a long history of staying abreast of international and local knowledge regarding retail’s biggest challenges and opportunities. Through the investments made to stay ahead of the of the retail curve, The Caxton Group is able to partner with clients, identify possible opportunities and to assist in achieving the best possible return on investment.

Servaas De Kock, Group Executive Digital of Caxton/CTP, attended this years’ National Retail Federation Big Show (NRF 2022) at the Jacob Javits Convention Centre in New York City. The NRF 2022, highlighted retail success across the world through innovation, agility and adaptability.  Across the globe December 2021 was a great month for retailers. Consumers have the need to engage with one another and get back in stores, and that is a great sign.

Servaas says: “It was a revelation, to listen to industry experts, learn from case studies and experience new technologies which have given rise to innovative business models. The Covid-19 pandemic put a hold on the world, but retail never stopped, and it was great to see how big brands used the synergy between real in-store experiences combined with on-line store experiences. The silver lining coming out of the pandemic has been the opportunity to form stronger connections with employees and consumers. Ties to local supermarkets “became even stronger” as retailers were able to meet consumers needs at the right time. In 2022 customers will remain centric, however the intelligent use of customer data is going to differentiate how we target”.

We are seeing rapid innovation in a fast-paced retail environment. The NRF 2022 gave us a glimpse into the future of retail. A bevy of tech companies are creating solutions that will change how retailers grasp consumers and how consumers shop.

Finally, it is worth noting that the technology isn’t just for the consumer. Many retailers are taking employees into consideration too and equipping them with the necessary devices to make their jobs easier. There is a surfeit of emerging and existing technology tools for employees to empower real-time knowledge and communication with full integration into tools.

For more on how your brands can benefit from the Caxton Group’s New York learnings, please get in touch via Spark Media or Hive Digital Services 

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