It’s about behaviour not media!

Human beings are habitual. We don’t really like change and it’s not easy to change the way we behave. So, it is imperative for brands to align your communication to the way consumers behave.

There are some consumer behaviour traits that have remained stable over time and in fact have become more entrenched with Covid-19.

  • Shopping close to home: South African’s enjoy the luxury of short commutes to malls and retail outlets available. In 2020, there was greater pressure on South African’s to stay at home and in-home media became their life line during lock down and beyond.
  • People plan their shopping: According to Roots 2019, 90% of shoppers plan their shopping. This has increased from 78% in 2013, and as times get tougher this will probably increase further.

Local papers continue to be a valuable communication tool – not because they are not magical, but because they are configured in a way that aligns with how consumers behave. It really is about behaviour and not media.

Because, local papers are geographically targeted, they get into the right homes of South African consumers.

They provide readers with local, unique, and factual editorial and relevant advertising content, whilst providing marketers with unique audiences and minimal wastage. It’s a win-win for readers and advertisers alike.

Local papers are a media shopping mall with 7/10 shoppers using local papers to plan their shopping.

This is why, local papers are still a critical component of most successful South African retailers’ communication strategy.


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