Ignition TARGET is SPARK Media’s programmatic and direct audience solution. Through our Data Management Platform (DMP) we collect and deliver customised interest based, demographic and in-market audiences.

Over 7.6 million people were collected in October across Caxton owned and affiliated websites, with 69.2% of traffic coming from mobile devices.

“Our in-market audiences are super exciting and interesting to potential advertisers with product and price specials.
Users collected into these segments have actively shown an interest in a specific in-market category, i.e. they have searched for the product specifically or browsed catalogues within the product and price environment. These audiences are already well down the purchasing funnel and just need a bit of a nudge from advertisers to buy products online or in-store.” explains Ashleigh Footit, Head of TechOps, Programmatic and Performance.

Top performing in-market segments include property, groceries and office, with the top growth segments being building supplies & DIY, furniture and appliances.

To access these audience insights and programmatic solutions, contact us or view the monthly DMP Performance report here.


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